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It's been awhile since I in 1996 SMAR SW group finished its activity. You will find here the history of the band through the eyes of a person who took part in it, from the first breath to his last breath. You will find texts, probably the most important part of this project. The texts that seem to have had quite an impact on the whole crowd of young people in this country. Writing it had in the ass so. poetic form, the most important thing has always been the content contained in these media. We wanted to get people identified with them.

The way in which we are brought up by our parents, the school and the state, hurts our consciousness. The possibility of at least imagine a better society is removed from our brains as early as possible. They try to convince us that we're crazy or at least alone if we want to change something. Writing texts we hope to create some kind of solidarity between people, to stir something in people's minds, so that people become more open, living in his own way, according to your own mind and not by money and state symbols.

You will find also some music from the four officially released albums, several videos and the highest available photo gallery documenting the activities the band.

I would like to thank here and greet all those who have ever been at our concerts or listen to our albums - be strong, be determined, be punk.

If you have any questions, comments or messages that write here or email:

SMAR SW - Świadomość [remaster]

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SMAR SW - Walczmy o Swoje Prawa [remaster]

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So that you do not run away, they hitch your thoughts
from the chain of honor and morals

in a cocoon of seemingly safe illusion
reason imprisoned in slave structures

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